Below is the list of Covenants, Bylaws and other information needed for purchasing land in Dos Griegos. Please call us for more information. (Adobe Reader is needed to open the PDF documents.)

  1. Amendment to Declaration of Covenants DG
  2. Bylaws DG Homeowners Assc1
  3. Bylaws DG Homeowners Assc2
  4. Bylaws Second Amendment DG
  5. Bylaws Third Amendment DG
  6. Decl Covenants DGU3Ph2U4PH31
  7. Decl Covenants DGU3PH2U4PH32
  8. ED Letters DG
  9. First Amended Disclosure Stmt DG
  10. Land Division Agreement Covenants
  11. Liquid Waste Mgmt Plan DG
  12. Read Before Signing DG pt1
  13. Read Before Signing DG pt2
  14. Second Amended Disclosure DG
  15. Signature Documents DG
  16. Third Amended disclosure DG
  17. Water Agreement DG

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